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Once Jesus and the Apostles left the upper room they went to a place that was familiar to all of them.

2 Going to Gethsemany

 They went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas did not go with them because he left earlier and went to tell the Jewish leaders where Jesus was going to be. (Matthew 26:36)

3 Jesus going to pray

The Savior asked Peter, James, and John to go with Him into the garden. He asked them to wait while He went to pray. (Matthew 26:36–39; Mark 14:33–35)

4 Jesus praying

Jesus knew He needed to suffer for the sins of all people. He did not want to suffer, but He chose to obey His Heavenly Father. (Matthew 26:39–44)

5 Disciples sleeping

Peter, James, and John fell asleep while Jesus prayed. Jesus came and found them sleeping. He asked them to stay awake. (Matthew 26:40–41)

6 Deciples sleeping again

He went to pray again. Peter, James, and John wanted to stay awake, but they were very tired. They fell asleep again. Jesus again found them sleeping. He went and prayed a third time. (Matthew 26:42–44)

7 The angel comforts Jesus

As Jesus prayed, He was in agony because of the pain that He knew that He had to suffer. An angel from heaven appeared to Him to strengthen Him. And being in anguish, he prayed more intently, and Jesus’ sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. (Luke 22:41-44)

Can you only imagine how Jesus suffered because He loves us so much? He was suffering for all of our sins so that we can be forgiven if we repent and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

8 Jesus warning they are coming

Then he returned and woke Peter, James, and John again. He told them that He would be betrayed and killed. Jesus said get up because the wicked people were nearly there to take Him away. (Matthew 26:45-46)

And sure enough, here they came with torches and many men.

 9 Roman soldiers and all

The leaders of the Jews sent men with swords and sticks to the Garden of Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:47; John 18:2–3; Mark 14:43)

10 Judas Iscariot

And Judas Iscariot was with them. The chief priests had paid Judas to show the men where Jesus was. (Matthew 26:14-16; 47)

11 The betrayal kiss

Now Judas told them that the one he would kiss, that would be Jesus and then they could go ahead and arrest Him.

12 The arrest of Jesus

And so it happened and the men led Jesus away and took Him to the high priest, Caiaphas. (Matthew 26:48-49, 57; Luke 22:54)

* * * * * * * 

Goodbye, until next time; when we will learn about what happened at Jesus’ trial and crucifixion.

Until then, remember to say your prayers obey your mom and dad and do not forget to go to church and Sunday school next week.  

* * * * * * *

end english 1


end english 2

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  1. Thank you for teaching the word of God.

    • We love to teach from God’s Word. Blessings.

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