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1 Egypt

Joseph had been taken to Egypt by the Ishmaelites and there Potiphar, who was Pharoh’s captain of the guard, bought him to be his slave. 

Genesis 39:1


Joseph lived in the house of his Egyptian master and worked for him. Joseph was faithful to the Lord and God was with him and he did really well.  

Genesis 39:2


When his master saw that the Lord gave him success in everything he did, Joseph became his faithful attendant.  

Genesis 39: 3-4


Potiphar put him in charge of his household and he let Joseph take care of everything he owned. And from that time on the Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. The blessing of the Lord was on everything Potiphar had, both in the house and in the field. So Potiphar left everything he had in Joseph’s care; and he did not concern himself with anything except the food he ate. 

Genesis 39:5-6


Now Joseph was handsome, and after a while his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and wanted to spend time with him, but he said no. You are Potiphar’s wife and you need to spend time with your husband. But she kept pestering him, and he always refused and said no. He knew that he would be dishonoring God if he paid attention to Potiphar’s wife.

 Genesis 39:7-10


One day Joseph went into the house to take care of his job, and none of the household servants were inside. The only one there was Potiphar’s wife, so she grabbed him by his cloak and said, “Come here and spend time with me!” But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house because she was a very wicked woman. 

Genesis 39:11-12


When she saw that he had left his cloak in her hand and had run out of the house, she was angry and called her household servants. “Look,” she said to them, “Joseph was here pestering me but when he heard me scream for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house.”

She kept his cloak beside her until her husband came home. Then she told Potiphar this story: “That Hebrew slave you brought us came to me to pester me. But as soon as I screamed for help, he left his cloak beside me and ran out of the house.” 

Genesis 39:13-18


When Potiphar heard the story his wife told him, saying, “This is how your slave treated me,” he was very angry and immediately sent Joseph to prison. 

Genesis 39: 19-20 

* * * * * * * 

Goodbye, until next time; when we will learn what happened to Joseph in prison.

Until then, remember to say your prayers obey your mom and dad and do not forget to go to church and Sunday school next week.  

* * * * * * *

end english 1


end english 2

* * * * * * *


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