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Philippians 4 vs 13 wwYeshua

The apostle Paul is the one who wrote this. He found out that the secret of living, no matter what happened in his life, was that he could do all things through Christ who gave him strength. That is the secret that we need to discover in our lives also.  

God is ready to help us. We should try to please and obey Him, and should not have to rely on our own strength and wisdom to do it. In fact, He wants us to depend on Him for grace and help, rather than trying to do things on our own! 

Jesus talking with the people

When we have problems, whatever they might be, and we have done everything right, then we need to ask Jesus to give us the strength to get us through it, and He will because the Bible tells us so.  

Do you know the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They refused to worship the gold statue and were thrown in the fiery furnace. But guess what? The Angel of the Lord came and saved them and the fire did not harm their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.

Fiery Furnace - Daniel

 When we are faced with hard decisions, especially when we need to stand up for what we believe, God gives us the strength to make the right choice. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego knew that what the king was demanding them to do was wrong. And they did not hesitate to stand firm for God. They believed He would protect them and give them the strength to withstand the pressure of the king. In the end, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were saved and God received the glory.  

When we obey God, we are also going to be a wonderful witness to our family and friends; because they are watching us. 

Friends watching you

Through Christ we can do the things that God desires us to do. When we say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, that means that He empowers us, encourages us, instructs and comforts us in every situation. 

There is something else we can do. When we get upset or angry for whatever reason, we need to stop and pray and ask God to help us gain control of our self. When we do that, something amazing happens. We are going to feel at peace, because we know that we are obeying God.

 Child praying

Every day when we wake up we should ask God to help us in an area that we want to get stronger. It could be to have more patience, being kinder or having more self-control. Just talk to God and tell Him what is on your mind. It might be something like this: “Lord, I am not a very good reader, but You say that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Please Father; give me the strength to improve my reading skills so I can get to know you better through the Bible. AMEN!” 

When we face decisions that seem hard, or we need to stand up for something we believe in, God will give us the strength we need to choose what is most pleasing to Him.

 David and Goliath

David wrote: When I called, you answered me; you made me courageous and confident. (Psalm 138:3)

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Goodbye, until next time. Until then, remember to say your prayers obey your mom and dad and do not forget to go to church and Sunday school next week.  

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