Posted by: wwyeshua | February 21, 2018

What Is a Good Friend?

Jesus is our very best friend. 

 So let’s see what the Bible tells us about being a good friend.


A True Friend is Faithful.

The Bible says:

A friend loves at all times

(Proverbs 17:17)

So true friends do not desert each other when times are bad.


A True Friend Does Not Gossip

The Bible says that:

A bad person tells stories that are not true and separates close friends.

 (Proverbs 16:28)


A True Friend Keeps a Secret

The Bible says that:

A good friend keeps a secret.

(Proverbs 11:13)

They might tell an adult the secret only when their friend might be in danger.


A True Friend is Kind


 Friends treat each other as they would like to be treated. 

Jesus said, I have called you friends.

(John 15:15) 

How can you be a good friend? You can be an example like Jesus was and you

might show kindness by walking with someone that is scared of walking alone.


To Find a Friend, we Need to be a Friend

Invite someone to come to church with you.


Choose Your Friends Carefully

It is very important to choose your friends wisely because the Bible tells us:

Whoever spends time with wise people will become wise. But those who make friends with fools will suffer.    (Proverbs 13:20)

If you make friends with good people you are going to learn from each other. And if you make friends with bad people they are going to teach you bad things and lead you into trouble.


Good Friends


Have fun sharing Jesus’ love and telling others about Him. 


True Friends Share


Their time with those that have needs and cannot do activities like they can. 

The Bible tells us to be kind and loving to each other.

(Ephesians 4:32) 


True Friends Pray Together


For each other and those that might be sick or have a special need.


True Friends Love Each Other


Sometimes it is hard to love someone because some friends are mean to us, or call us names. Sometimes they make fun of us or hurt us. But God wants us to love everyone, even if we don’t like what they do to us. 

Remember, we love one another because God loves us! And maybe we can have an opportunity to teach someone else the love of Jesus, just by the way we behave.


True Friends Worship Together

They love to sing together and praise God with their voices.


Best Friends

Love to study the Bible together.



Best Friends Stick Together


Because, friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you more loyal than a brother or a sister.

(Proverbs 18:24)



Are a gift from God

* * * * * * *

Goodbye, until next time. Until then, remember to say your prayers, obey your mom and dad and do not forget to go to church and Sunday school next week.

* * * * * * *

end english 1


end english 2

* * * * * * *



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