Posted by: wwyeshua | January 10, 2020


Did you know that you plant seeds every day?  Let me explain what I mean.

Every day you plant invisible seeds with your words and actions. When you tell your mom, dad or grandma you love them, you are planting seeds.

When you push them away, make an unkind face or are disrespectful and have a tantrum, you are planting seeds.

Just like when you plant apple seeds an apple tree will grow; and when you plant love seeds, love grows! In the same way, if you plant seeds of unfriendliness and disrespect, unfriendliness and disrespect grows.

In the Bible we learn that whatever a person plants with their actions and attitude that is what ends up growing, whether it’s joy or anger! It warns us: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A person reaps what they sow.” (Galatians 6:7)

God sets rules for physical sowing as well as for spiritual sowing and a person cannot change God’s laws.

Are you sowing seeds of goodness, patience, and love or are you planting seeds of deceit, bitterness, and lies?

It matters what you are sowing and planting because one day, you will reap what you have sown.

The person who is disobedient to God and plants bad things in his life, like lying and stealing, cannot expect to grow good things and be pleasing to God!

God knows what kind of life we are living and knows what types of fruit we will harvest by the seeds we have planted and continue to plant and one day we will have to give an account of what we have done to Him.

All our choices good and bad accumulate over our lifetime and the harvest we reap from small choices made over a long period of time can produce very large harvests, and the harvest shows up in our character and how it affects people around us either in a good or bad way. 

Always remember that our choices form our character and that: 

  • If we choose to lie – we become a liar
  • If we choose to steal – we become a thief
  • If we choose to be patient – we become a patient person
  • If we choose to do loving things – we become a loving person

True Christians have the ability to understand and say NO to sin, because they know what the Bible teaches and know that the power of Christ has set us free from the power of sin. Because we were born with a sinful nature, sin is still present in our life, but we are no longer a slave to sin. When you become a Christian and Christ lives in you, then you are no longer a slave to sin, whatever kind it might be.

Once you truly understand what Jesus Christ has done for you, you will feel so grateful and joyful that you will want to thank Him every day of your life.

Obedience to the Lord starts by taking small steps. And here’s the good news of the gospel; when we fail, we have an advocate, Jesus Christ, who intercedes for us. We can confess our sin and receive forgiveness and cleansing through the blood of Christ and then get back in step with what God wants us to do; which is to sow good seeds.

As we walk through life, we leave imprints on others lives that not only can last a lifetime, but can last for eternity. If we keep in step with the Spirit and we sow to Spirit, the Spirit will use us to leave a godly influence in people’s lives that can last for eternity.

So if you keep sowing good seeds you will have a life that is much happier here on earth and one day you will reap your reward and spend all eternity with Jesus in heaven.

 * * * * * *

Goodbye, until next time. Until then, remember to say your prayers obey your mom and dad and do not forget to go to church and Sunday school next week. 





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